Reasons Why Men and Women Lie

Faroe stamp 430 The First Human Beings

Faroe stamp 430 The First Human Beings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lots of men and women are affected by lying every day. It does not mean that they have directly been lied to. Sometimes they are living out the consequences of lies that they have been told by others, while at times, they themselves have told lies that have helped to shape their present day reality.


Lying sometimes seems like the easy way out of a problem, but it can have serious consequences in the long term. Resisting the temptation to lie builds up our own personal sense of integrity. It also keeps us honest to ourselves and we are better able to cope with life. Sometimes we lie to ourselves and keep ourselves in denial about issues that we could have fixed slowly over time if we had faced the truth.


Lying sometimes crops up when people feel embarrassed. For example, a supervisor might ask if a task was done. If other coworkers are there, an employee might lie that it was, just to avoid a feeling of embarrassment. The may also lie so that they don’t appear incompetent or irresponsible.


Our values may conflict with our self esteem. Sometimes we act out of a sense of emotional or physical self preservation. A person may forget to do something and lie that they did do it, then rush to get the task done as quickly as possible.


The purpose of this article is not to judge anyone. It is just to explore the reasons why old and young, male and female, sometimes opt to shift the truth up a bit. Human beings are complex creatures and at any times, different things war within us. Social lies, which are told to make us look better to strangers, are different from white lies, which are usually told to spare someone’s feelings.

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Ender’s Game and Stress on Gifted Children

Ender's Game

Ender’s Game (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Someone recently raised the point about Ender’s Game portraying gifted children in an unrealistic way. I would disagree about kids not being involved in politics and so on at that age. I don’t find it strange.

I think parents who are sure of the abilities of their children tend to hold out high expectations for them and usually talk about things around them that maybe wouldn’t be brought up in other families.


Does this put stress on the child? I don’t think anyone I know has suffered as a result. Maybe in some ways there was less of an idea that children were incapable of doing certain things. That gave an advantage since you learned to see the world early for what it was.


In the situation presented in the book, it would have been understandable that kids would be able to think and move in that way.

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Protect Yourself from Being a Medical Identity Theft Statistic


An ambulance and its crew in Modena, Italy.

An ambulance and its crew in Modena, Italy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Medical identity theft is one type of identity theft that is often overlooked. I think people pay more attention to individuals who buy clothes and shoes and even car parts or boat gear on their card.


They won’t be as quick to look out for people paying for drugs at pharmacies or going in for emergency medical services. I think that banks need to spend more time and money on educating customers about this, without passing the cost of doing so onto their customers. After all, they benefit by having a savvy group of clients.

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Can You Do a Dip-Dye Hair Color Style Without Peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dip-dye color hair styles are fairly popular. The Ombre style is just one of these. It is sported by celebrities and people who like to follow fashion trends have been trying out this look. Women who like experimenting with color in their hair are also fans of this look.

However there is a problem. While dip-dye styles mainly focus on bleaching the ends of the hair, not the portion closer to the root, they can still cause health problems. Most salons use peroxide to bleach hair prior to coloring.

Peroxide can and often does damage dip-dyed hair. It is also damaging to the scalp and other areas of skin. If you want to avoid strong peroxide, you can try natural, milder agents, such as cinnamon and honey, that still lighten hair but don’t cause as much irritation. You can also use extensions that are lighter than your own natural hair color.

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Blue Cheese Breath and Stinky Feet- Bully Prevention Activities for Kids

English: the picture consist of articles on bu...

English: the picture consist of articles on bullying, I obtained it from public domain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Blue Cheese Breath and Stinky Feet is a book on how to deal with bullies. The book is written for children and teaches them practical ways to get rid of people who try to harass them. Adults who are harassed by bullies at work may use some of the same strategies but the book communicates these methods in a more kid friendly way.

The readers targeted in Blue Cheese Breath and Stinky Feet are children between the ages of six and twelve. The book features different strategies kids can use to discourage bullies. It uses a lot of humor and discusses the fears that children have when dealing with a bully.

A book like this will help parents with building self esteem in young children. It was written by Dr. Catherine DePino, who has also written Real Life Bully Prevention for Real Kids. This one is a resource book for teachers.

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Itchy black skin tags on neck

Does Skin Tag Removal at Home with Nail Polish or Vinegar Work?

2.5-litre bottle of acetic acid in a laborator...

2.5-litre bottle of acetic acid in a laboratory. The bottle is made out of amber glass. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Skin tags can be found on both men and women. They sometimes show up in conspicuous areas, such as the neck. This makes persons with skin tags feel uncomfortable at times.


A skin tag may sometimes change color and this causes additional concern. Skin tags are not really harmful. They are just pieces of flesh that protrude from the skin. However for aesthetic reasons, many people would rather not have them on their body.


Many people prefer to remove their skin tags at home. This has several advantages, chief among them being the cost. Surgery for skin tags is more expensive and involves wounds which have to heal. Products designed for home use do not cause wounds.


Salicylic acid is the active ingredient in many home products. Vinegar (acetic acid) works by drying up the skin tag. It falls off after that. To use this method you should apply vinegar daily to the protrusion and leave the liquid on the skin tag for a few hours. It eventually falls off. Nail polish works in a similar manner but takes a lot longer.

If your skin tags become irritated by clothing or movement, products such as cupuacu butter  can help to soothe the skin. Cupuacu butter can also be used to heal wounds.

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How to Cure Myopia Naturally

A scene as it might be viewed by a person with...

A scene as it might be viewed by a person with myopia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Correcting myopia naturally allows persons who are first diagnosed with this condition to get better eyesight over time. Myopia treatment methods that are less invasive allow the eyes to become stronger over time. Several people have developed 20/20 vision or higher by using natural means. A fair number of people suffer from impaired vision. They may use corrective lenses but as time passes, they have to go back and get a new pair of lenses. Some individuals also do corrective surgery but this sometimes results in a greater loss of vision after a time.

To learn more about natural methods of correcting myopia, see the link under this profile.

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Multiple Sclerosis Interferon

Interferon gamma

Interferon gamma (Photo credit: AJC1)

Multiple sclerosis interferon based medications are currently prescribed by doctors as part of their strategy to prevent the disease from progressing. These medications use different types of interferons.

Interferon beta-1a is made naturally in the cells of mammals. The other popularly utilized interferon is beta-1b. Beta-1b is made by modified E.coli.

Doctors prescribe them because they reduce the likelihood that a patient will have a relapse by as much as 38%. Less new lesions form on people who have been treated using this technique.

Like the Liberation Treatment for multiple sclerosis, interferon therapy is controversial. Researchers involved in a British Columbia study have stated that interferons may not prevent long term disability.

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Plants that Irritate the Skin- 肌を刺激する植物

Japanese style garden / 日本庭園(にほんていえん)

Japanese style garden / 日本庭園(にほんていえん) (Photo credit: TANAKA Juuyoh (田中十洋))

There are several plants that irritate the skin. These may be found in our gardens, or we may come in contact with them while hiking or enjoying some other activity outdoors. For this reason it is important to take care at all times when we are enjoying activities which involve plant life.


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Inca berries benefits-インカの果実の利点

Inca Terns (Larosterna inca)

Inca Terns (Larosterna inca) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Inca berries benefits have resulted in them being included in several health supplements nowadays. インカの果実の利点は、それらが最近いくつかの健康補助食品に含まれていることにつながった。


Inca berries are found naturally in South America, where they are known as uvilla in Spanish. Uvillaはジャムに加えてもよい。彼らは、ビタミンCが豊富で、血液を浄化に役立つと言われています。

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