Sports Inspired or Olympics Fashion and other Style Trends

With the summer Olympics approaching, several outfits inspired by athletics have been seen in collections for spring and summer. Performance fabrics have been used to produce the garments, which are all designed to flatter the female form.

Sporty mesh has been used to create dresses. Silky track pants have been paired with loose tops for a classic evening look.

Monochrome Fashion

Black and white is appearing in many designs for 2012. Several designers have been using the combination in their collection. Bold yellow purses, sunglasses and other accessories are prominent on the catwalk and the street.

Sea creatures are being used on accessories. Some collections have sandals inspired by a sea theme or are made with tilapia skin leather. Floral prints on pants suits and shorts are back.

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Business Scholarships for Women for College

found photo: business leaders

found photo: business leaders (Photo credit: squareintheteeth)

Business scholarships for women for college provide individuals with more opportunities. Women who are interested in studying to obtain the skills necessary to success in a business may not always have the funds to do so. With a scholarship and sound study techniques, they can achieve their dreams.


It is good for organizations to sponsor young people like this. It helps to ensure that future business leaders will be created. Most countries need more young entrepreneurs striving to fill the needs that they see around them.


Many talented people start businesses but cannot sustain them because they lack some of the funds or skills that are required. Young people can learn a lot about the world of business at college. A scholarship like those below helps make this type of education possible:

The Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund

The Nancy Talbot Scholarship Award

The Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship

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