Using Fish Oil for Joint Pain After Hiking

Using fish oil for joint pain is something that has been done in many countries. Fish oil contains EPA and DHA, nutrients that allow the body to function well.

If you have these supplements, you may have been taking them to help you in some other area. For example, many people take omega 3 supplements to help reduce cholesterol.

However, you may have noticed that you experience an improvement in other areas. Fish oil reduces inflammation in the joints. In my personal experience, it reduces the irritation I would normally feel when I participate heavily in a sport after leading a relatively relaxed lifestyle for a few days prior.

You can use fish oil for joint pain in several ways. You may choose to eat fish that contain these oils regularly. These fish include salmon and anchovies. Have salmon for dinner or in a sandwich. Having anchovies on your pizza also helps.

If you don’t often cook fish in your household, you can take supplements that contain fish oil. Keep a bottle in your medicine cabinet. You can take one a day or one every other day. However, even if you are not good at remembering to take this supplement regularly, if you take the capsules the day before, during and after you go hiking with friends or do some other activity, you will feel the difference in your joints. Read the directions on the bottle for the appropriate dosage.


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