Ender’s Game and Stress on Gifted Children

Ender's Game

Ender’s Game (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Someone recently raised the point about Ender’s Game portraying gifted children in an unrealistic way. I would disagree about kids not being involved in politics and so on at that age. I don’t find it strange.

I think parents who are sure of the abilities of their children tend to hold out high expectations for them and usually talk about things around them that maybe wouldn’t be brought up in other families.


Does this put stress on the child? I don’t think anyone I know has suffered as a result. Maybe in some ways there was less of an idea that children were incapable of doing certain things. That gave an advantage since you learned to see the world early for what it was.


In the situation presented in the book, it would have been understandable that kids would be able to think and move in that way.

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